An Exaltation of Larks has ratings and reviews. Candace said: Check out more of my reviews at s book was absolutely. An Exaltation of Larks or, The Venereal Game, by James Lipton. N.Y.: Grossman Publishers. Illustrated. pp. YOU CANT fight the media. James Lipton. This ultimate edition of An Exaltation of Larks is Mr. Lipton’s brilliant answer to the assault on language and literacy in the last decades of the twentieth century.

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But, I live among muscular mountain men who would laugh in derision at that term.

An Exaltation of Larks: The Ultimate Edition by James Lipton

Alex, Valerie and Jav meet first in their twenties, with a sudden attraction each finds strange and compelling. Some were too obvious and the obscure may exalation may not rate explanations.

A message of love, hope and healing! Lipton loves to play with language and invites you to join. Because I loved you last night. Lists with This Book.

Grand prize winner of the Writer’s Digest Awards. There are other characters and other loves present. None of these characters escape unscathed nor does New York. And boy o boy did I ever win.


Keep the memory, let go of the thing Solid 4.

What about gender fluid? Embassy, never to see his parents again. Read more Read less. Immediately taken with him, she finds herself wanting be his friend. The dynamics of his relationship with Val change drastically, but the attraction is still there, just below the surface.

An Exaltation of Larks

Lars the help of family friends, he escapes to America, to live with his uncle in the upstate New York town of Guelisten.

Search World Wide Words. Please try again later.

I look forward to playing! My poor husband tried to carry on a conversation with me, but I couldn’t be pulled from this story. View all 46 comments. Her words,her story telling,her characters-to exaltatiln I was blown away is an understatement.

I don’t want to give too much away, or spoil this story for anyone.

It is now dawn and all is silent. View all 23 comments. This precise and vivid word choice Of note are the illustrations, of which there appear nearly one on every page, looking very much like what would happen if John Tenniel started a cut-and-paste zine. I feel a connection to who ever saw a mess of puppies and called the pile a litter.


It’s hard this year. Visit her at suannelaqueurwrites. I wish I’d had a dictionary on me whi Okay, this is just neat. The next time you’re ready to get lost and luxuriate in a story, I cannot recommend any other book more than this one.

The things that interested you will evolve. Apparently even into the 19th century there were a lot MORE Fun book about “terms of venery”; that is, words to describe groups of things. Lipton not only provides and adequate agruement for why he created these terms in general not specific to each onebut he also provides guidelines for how he went about this and how you can too should you feel the urge to create you own terms which Mr.

Suanne Laqueur has such love and respect for them as well that she fleshed them out so skillfully and gave them so much complexity that I found myself feeling the same way about them that the other characters did. From the Back Cover An “exaltation of larks”?