Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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It is the only sanctum that stands autoxhthonia open to the passage of the Operatives though the crystaline staircase that leads to the exit facing the Core is not – save with Kadmek’s explicit exaletd Domadamod: Gremlins are everywhere; mostly small, easily-slain ones, but occasionally a nastier one makes itself known. The largest wars in Autochthonian history have all taken place here, as massive hordes of rust-streaked gremlins descended on the cities.

Creation has 24 hour days.


Retrieved from ” http: Vemnonoth, the former Chariot of Debok Moom, and lord of vehicles throughout Autochthonia was another regular presence, commanding new War Machines who would serve as part of his constant warring in the Pole of Metal, but his recent destruction has left that void unfilled, as his replacement Messenger Soul Hermors is no more present in Embn than in any other Theopolis, visiting all autochthoniz the elder four, connected as they are by the fastest trams in Autochthonia, jumping from synapse to synapse more as light than matter; rather than taking up any kind of residence in Embn beyond its tram station.

Gremlins hate this place, and are constantly trying to break open seals and crush bulkheads. Ok, here’s the first and since it does the introduction, probably longest of the Theopoli posts Autochthonia is more interesting in how it differs from Creation, more so than from other Primordials, so that autochyhonia the case, here’s a very basic overview.


The Sun Also Rises.


It is an imposing rumbling palace of copper edges where Mog holds court on a daily basis, often with relevant Subroutines in attendance. Many still are, and they cling to this pride as their only means of maintaining hope in the face of so much misery. Since you need generally very bloody and visceral facilities for making alchies, the dudes who live in the pole of crystal don’t have access to the facilities needed to produce them like other nations do.

The first city was founded here as a defence against the original rare groups autochtuonia goblins, and the defences became autochyhonia entrenched that it became almost impossible to move. Quiet, sometimes born hairless, almost monk-like.

Even ajtochthonia the player characters will not be ordinary Populat or Lumpen, and thus, could theoretically have access to Old Realm and therein, literacythe Old Realm language itself is problematic when it comes to the industrial x-punk world of Autochthonia, in that its pictographic nature makes it difficult for Autochthonians to denote things—even when they want to.

Obfuscation and stealth, production for longer-term bonuses. Tags Edit Source Print. The vast majority of Gremlins are infected First Circle Exmachina, Elementals, and Custodians note that while Custodians overwhelmingly are limited to think as automatons, many develop individual ‘personalities’ and personas [madnesses] under the effects of Dissonance.

In addition to a host of lesser machine spirits acting as couriers, magnetic scribes, and general attendants, great metal aurochs serve as guards throughout the Hall, while a fleet of aurochthonia locusts sit in wait for Mog’s command to fly and dispense his harshest judgments.

Cities inside the pole as well. Crippled because he brought too much Wyld with him when he manifested. Elementals rise up “naturally” in Autochthonia and play their role in the ecosystem’s autochtnonia of elemental essence. While the workings of Iceto now consume a good portion of said ambrosia, it does so with great efficiency, as processing faith into energy and resources is part of the function of a Theopolis, so now the Glass Walkers engage in trade with the acolyte-attendants of the Adamant citadel.


This is Autochthon’s primary addition to his soul structure. Weeping children, jack-booted ghosts, an ancient city groaning beneath tyranny, a smiling, despotic undead sorcerer-king: So what does this mean? Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. As with the Akuma the Yozi make from mortals, autoochthonia may only be Invested with Spirit Charms, not Primordial Charms house-rule-clarification.

Yugash won after destroying the Sova forward base of Ixut, and two of their newest cities now exaltef atop this cache. Specifically his powerful Intimacies to humanity and Autochthonian society surge as electric bolts between the walls of the surrounding cavern, and dream images of human society refract across the coruscating crystal. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Autochthonia | Exalted: The Sun Also Rises | Obsidian Portal

By acquiring a player for a Moonsilver disc, one might be made privy to any sort of three dimensional light recreations of scenes, including the augochthonia audio file. Solars or most any Celestial Exalted autochthonnia save the city will find themselves reviled as demons. Few places within the world-body of the Machine God are suitable for human habitation, but many are instantly lethal.

Specifically, to maintain the ordained social order and undermine any attempt by Alchemical Exalted to rule humanity directly.