Eyal Weizman | Director. Eyal Weizman is Professor of Spatial and Visual Cultures, and Director of Forensic Architecture. He is a founding member of the. Forensic Architecture – Home. The organisation’s founder and director is Eyal Weizman, a British-Israeli architect. Its primary mission is research, to “develop evidentiary.

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The material is harrowing: Join us this spring for an exciting lineup of exhibitions, lectures, screenings, and special events. This is not the point where most architecture students expect to end up. The Book of Destruction Weizman, Eyal.

They are engaged in a game of wits with military and security services. Forensic Architecture Weizman, Eyal.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? A Time to Speak Out: In he established the agency Forensic Architecturewhich provide advanced architectural and media evidence to civil society groups,with the help of several European Research Council grants, as well as other human rights grants.

Professor Eyal Weizman

What is Forensic Architecture? The Politics of Israeli Architecture. This might seem a bit dilettante, in relation to the hard facts of human rights disputes and war crimes cases, but Weizman argues that the means of representation, the ways in which weiz,an is communicated to the public, are vital.

Humanitarno nasilje od Arendtove do Gaze”. By triangulating and coordinating all the information thus gained, Forensic Architecture could locate particularly large and lethal explosions. The Architecture of Ariel Sharon. Retrieved from ” https: After studying dyal the Architectural Association in London, Weizman set up a practice in a conventional enough way for young architects in Tel Aviv.


Kassel, Syria, the disappearance of students in Iguala in Mexico, a lethal factory fire in Karachia detention centre in Cameroon where torture and executions took place with the apparent connivance of US personnel based weizmxn. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Professor Eyal Weizman | Goldsmiths, University of London

The LeRoy Neiman Center. Goldsmiths, University of London. Located in downtown Chicago with a fine arts graduate program consistently ranking among the top programs in the nation by U. New book explains 2 Jun Visual Cultures. Holey Land Weizman, Eyal.

Eyal Weizman

Israel’s Architecture of Occupation Weizman, Eyal. Involved in political, media and human rights theory Weizman’s most known theoretical work describes the acts of the Israeli army as founded upon the post-structuralist French philosophers and a reading of them.

Violence at the Threshold of Detectability. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Rafah their evidence made a convincing case that the object of the onslaught was to kill an Israeli officer who had been captured that morning, who the military believed was in an underground tunnel.

Through detailed and critical investigations, Forensic Architecture presents how public truth is produced—technologically, architecturally, and aesthetically—and how it can be used to confront authority and to expose new forms of state-led violence. Un monde de camps. The Image is the Bone. In a world saturated by images, where seemingly almost everything is exposed to view, they try to make visible those things that are kept hidden. What changed everything was his decision to do a Seizman on the ways in which town planning in the occupied territories was used to divide and suppress.


Through creating a full-scale mock-up of the cafe interior, and analysing the sound of the two shots loud enough, even with a ejalthe dispersal of their smoke and the sightlines of the agent — a tall man — as he put money on the table behind which the young victim was sprawled, it was demonstrated that Temme could not possibly have failed weizmaj hear, smell and see the crime.

In he designed a permanent folly in Gwangju, South Korea which was documented in the book The Roundabout Revolution Sternberg, Limes, Arendt in Ethiopia Weizman, Eyal. Their areas of interest expanded beyond Israel and Palestine to wherever they might be needed: Octoberpp.

They could also calculate the dimensions of the bombs — and hence their weight of explosives — caught in one of the photographs before they hit. Faculty Positions Staff Positions. Revista Detritos, 4, Dying to Speak: Weizmans reply has been:.