He is remembered for his philosophy, which was influential in the development of 20th century existentialism. Alastair Hannay is Professor of Philosophy at the. 1 Homing in on Fear and Trembling. 6. Alastair Hannay. 2 Fear and Trembling’s “ Attunement” as midrash. Jacob Howland. 3 Johannes de silentio’s dilemma. The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin’s Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history’s most prodigious.

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Then we have only the choice between being nothing in relation to God or having to begin all over again every moment in eternal torment, yet without being able to begin, for if we are able to decide definitely with regard to the previous moment, and so further and further back.

Each volume is beautifully packaged with a unique type-driven design that highlights the bookmaker’s art. And here he stood on the mountain early in the morning, the old man with his one and only hope.

Kierkegaard used the ethical system of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the aesthetic stories of Agnes and the merman, [10] Iphigenia at Aulis and others to help the reader understand the difference between the inner world of the spirit and the outer world of ethics and aesthetics.

He went home happy, confident, trusting in God, for he had not wavered, he had nothing for which to reproach himself. What did I find? The next section “In Defence of the Ethical” has Johannes de silentio deliberately overstating the options facing Abraham’s insistent admirer.

Fear and Trembling

He sees himself encumbered with an enormous mass of concerns; everyone else smiles at him and sees nothing. Although I ordinarily do not desire any comment from the critics, I almost desire it in this case if, far from flattering me, it consisted of the blunt truth “that what I say everyone knows, every child, and the educated infinitely so much more.

From the Christian perspective, this crucial decision is of eternal significance.


My listener, there was many a father in Israel who believed that to lose his child was to lose everything that was dear to him, to be robbed of every hope for the future, but there was no one who was the child of promise in the sense Isaac was to Abraham. We then hannat the state as the moral whole and the reality of freedom, and consequently as the objective unity of ans two elements.

It was now, probably, that he became more fully cognizant of his plan, cear of what was necessary to its development. Finally an equilibrium is established, and the need of obtaining for itself an outward alatsair, in so far as this need may have once or twice asserted itself, now ceases; outwardly everything is quiet and calm, and far within, in its little secret recess, grief dwells like a prisoner strictly guarded in a subterranean dungeon, who spends year after year in monotonously moving back and forth within its little enclosure, never weary of traversing sorrow’s longer or shorter path.

Readers who prefer “a shorter overall discussion” are invited to skip this chapter, moving directly from “Overview of Themes and Context” to “Reception and Influence”. Anxiety is freedom’s possibility, and only fexr anxiety is through faith absolutely educative, because it consumes all finite ends and discovers all their deceptiveness.

Reason recoils before the absolute paradox of the individual who chooses to rise superior to the general law. Everyone shall be remembered, but everyone became great in proportion to his expectancy.

Does she find this frustrating, or is it a convenient means of paragraph-prevention?

Fear and Trembling – Google Books

Carlisle is careful to point out that the inward requirement doesn’t mean that religion is to be “individualistic or otherworldly”; indeed the “central” problem of Fear and Trembling is how “the relationship to God should be lived out in the world, through relationships with other people” p. He accomplished that by actually lifting the knife with the intention of carrying out his mission.

In our times we may refer to Schelling, according to his more recent system, which he has now brought into connected order. In this objective field the right of insight is reckoned as insight into what is legal or illegal, or the actual law. Therefore he declares war against all speculation, and also against such persons as seek to speculate on faith and strive after an insight into the truths of revelation: The Absolute Paradox occasions an absolute decision by posing the absolute either-or.


Fear and Trembling – Wikipedia

Tdembling further redeeming feature in Abraham that can “provide a criterion of ethical value … common to both religious and non-religious perspectives” is trust p. It seems to me that I have not drunk from the cup of wisdom but have fallen into it. Clare Carlisle’s book is full of useful information and fruitful reflection, but it would be a shame to offer it to someone who has yet to read Fear and Trembling.


Kierkegaard says, “No one who was great in the world will be forgotten, but everyone was great in his own way, and everyone in proportion to the greatness of that which he loved. With “Religion and Ethics: George Pattison has pointed to a counterbalance in the Upbuilding Discourses to the outwardly aggressive aspect of Abraham’s faith.

Is he not also a sacrificial victim of sorts, the real murderer, at any rate a literary device? Next is his Exordium. Abraham believed by virtue of the absurd, whereby the impossible will happen and all human calculation is abandoned. Abraham, and Abraham answered: As immediate spirit, a person is bound up with all the earthly life, and now spirit wants to gather itself together out of this dispersion, so to speak, and to transfigure itself in itself; the personality wants to become conscious in its eternal validity.