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After a pause 1 asked, “Could you tell me what was shared in the floxrea Atnight when you enter your dreams, you leave your mind and enteryour sacred space of your heart. As a result, expectations as to how this expe-rience is “supposed” to happen will sometimes get in the way.

Once she took off her hood so I could fully see her face, I had ashivering sense of deja vu. Thenslowly they began to find other children, mostly under fourteen yearsold, who could see with various parts of their bodies.

Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek

The scientists at HeartMath have made perhaps an even greaterdiscovery about the heart. A man had come to the workshop with his wife, and he hadbeen in a wheelchair for over ten years. The Kogi Experience It was with the Kogi that my experiences with indigenous peoplesbegan to manifest more than just lessons in spirituality and humanpotential.

What I know at this point 1 have learnedfrom direct experience and from the experiences of some of mystudents, and sometimes we dont understand what is going on forlong periods of time. Introductionong, long ago we gloarea were quite different. And then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over.

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In almost complete darkness, this special baby will be fed onlywhite foods while it grows up and will be given just enough light soas not to go blind. Once they were satisfied that Inge could not see any light, she began. He said that the Kogi Mamas were not only able to see anyplace inthe world, but they could also see into the future, just like the Hopi,the Maori and many other indigenous tribes around the world.


Tu, atunci, vei incepe sa ai o senzatie profunda de bucurie ca totul este perfect asa cum este! I am telling you about other experiences simplyso you can use them as a reference, not as a “law. Share your thoughts with other customers. This language comes from a sacred space within their hearts. Gicu dan-romania-centrul-federatiei-cristice-terestre-si-extraterestre from razvan I knew exactly what Inge was talk-ing about, but Id never applied the idea of Mary Anns inner screento the superpsychic children.

At that moment all I knew was that I wanted to feel that wayagain. We drove for about twenty miles into the southeastern part ofDenver, an area 1 was not familiar with, and then to the far outer edgeof the city; parked the car just off the freeway; and began to walk upthe side of a sloping hill to the ridgeline.


Ashort story will make this clear. Jelchizedek that time in my life, I was living with a Native Americanfamily on the high desert plains outside of Taos, New Mexico. They turned me down on every level.

I lis-tened to him, but I had never heard of the Kogi tribe.

floarea vietii drunvalo melchizedek pdf download

Here is how an R-2 worksactually, there is much more to it, butthe following is an approximation: I feelhe really was not helpful at all. Humanity is deep within the fold melchizsdek divine unity and you are all beginning to realize there is indeed no separation and we are all as one. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

These old men took me in their midst and told me that I was thefirst white man they had ever heard speak the truth as they knew it. Silent Winds of Change advancing spirituality day by day. He had expected that he would see in a vision, but insteadhe saw with his ears. He lowered his voice and whispered, “OnAugust 12,the Kogi Mamas saw that we, the techno-culture,were still here on Earth.


No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner withoutprior written permission from the publisher,except in the case of brief quotationsembodied in critical reviews and articles. Even our government, knowinghis work, was not able to duplicate it until just recently. Obviously, the dolphins and whales and therest of life are not going to survive unless we humans change ourcourse in how we are living.

They went into deep meditation to see why,since this was the first time in their long history that one of their pre-dictions didnt come true.

Dong reports how these Chinese children were performingincredible feats of psychic abilities while government scientists studiedand controlled each experiment to make sure there was no deception. I telephoned Paul in California, where he was living.

There was more inhis words, but this was the essence. Finally, after at least tenminutes of prodding, Paul ventured to say, “Drunvalo, I have neverseen what they see, but the children tell me they see some kind of aninner TV screen on which the images come to them.

One research group, the Institute of HeartMath inBoulder Creek, California, which is connected with Stanford University,has found some very interesting new data.