Freeciv is a turn-based strategy game, with some real-time elements, in which each player is the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goals of a . Freeciv is an open-source, free-to-play, single-player or multi-player, computer game developed independently (since ) but admittedly inspired by. Has anybody found a walkthrough/tutorial for freeciv that really holds your hand like you’ve never played it at all before? This is the obvious.

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The “production” progressbar shows how far something is to completion. If you are beginner skip caravans. So “4 2 ” for food means you’re producing 4, but only 2 surplus.

You can also learn by playing with others or against the AI. If you want to work on them manually, click on one of the sets of numbers to remove it, and then you can click on an empty tile to set it to work.

Freeciv is extremely similar to Civ II, so it should be useful; only the interfaces differ a bit. The “info” frame tells you what your city is producing. Each generator option has its own default startpos value.

These are often referred to as “bulbs”. Buy barracks as fast you can, usually player starts with 50 gold so you should buy it in second turn after settling capital unless you are playing on frreciv or a big map. Now that you have Freeciv running, you’ll want to play your first few games.

Consider capital bonuses eg. AI is very stupid, dont waste time on diplomacy.

The Freeciv Game User’s Guide

Tjtorial assuming that you know how to start the game up. There could be something good there all free: Explorers are the best unit for roaming around. Always build military units in city with barracks.


First off, a note about this tutorial. If this is standard game with 4 players on map size 1 with landmass 70, or similar size 2 with landmass 30 – player needs to sacrifice his capital to building units, another cities will produce settlers.

It alters the map generation process. Nothing fancy in beating AI players. Building your city Tuorial Once you have moved a settler to where you want to build, press Band click “OK”. Rapturing means freeclv cities grows 1 per turn – you can do it in republic, setting enough luxury so there is more or equal happy citizens than content, city needs to be at least size 3 also.

Don’t use map size at all. Workers are good for irrigation, paving roads, erecting fortresses, terrain conversion, and exploration.

Then you can make caravans to establish trade routes between such big cities. But before you start playing, you’ll want to make it easier for yourself to get to know the game. On continental map you should get monarchy quite vreeciv.

Freeciv for Dummies

So, if you find good tiles, try to include as much as you can in that border. Retrieved from ” http: Attack only if you are sure you have enough army, 20 units is nothing unusual.

Start of Game Edit I’m assuming that you know how to start the game up. If you have barracks in city use such city to build military units, in other cities build settlers, workers, diplomats. AI always is rushing city walls, so its easy target.

The more luxury, the more people in your city are content or if all are content, the more are happy.

It depends on map size, map generator, land size, starting units. If there are just two of you playing, you can usually get away with using timeout 0. Later in the game, however, as things get more complex, you may want to extend the timeout to seconds.


If you don’t want to move units for extended periods of time, select them and press S. Each point of science from each city adds up into your national tech research. Feel free to set whatever timeout seems comfortable, but remember that going above will tend to bother people. After monarchy you can research chivalry and build sun tzu academy if you have more than 15 cities, then its worth to build it.

Rapture master cities to size 8. It can be easily achieved with city on grass and 2 forests nearby, but it’s not good spot. The more surplus food, the faster your city grows. Money, whether 25 gold, 50 gold, or gold Allied units, whether horsemen or carriage Advancements techgenerally low level A new city with 1 or 2 citizens OR your unit could get killed by “barbarians” in which case bad luck, but DON’T let it discourage you So, first thing to do is to go around looking for the best place to settle.

Freeciv for Dummies | Freeciv | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is, however, not a good way to learn how to play. This means it’s selected.

Try to place your city on a river, by a coastline, or on grassland, as this will give you a head start. When you play against AI just pressure it. See freexiv maps generated with different options. Most experienced players don’t increase this setting, and if they know how to cope with it and you don’t, you are going to go the way of Atlantis.