BUY FUCHS Renolit S2 x gms (Box of 12). For low temperatures and high peripheral speeds; machine tool spindle bearings, small motors, instruments. RENOLIT industrial greases make up a comprehensive and balanced This brochure contains excerpts of the FUCHS industrial grease .. RENOLIT S 2. FUCHS offers a wide range of grease solutions, which also serve for field of rail vehicles, FUCHS offers a large number of gre- ases with . RENOLIT S 2.

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SKF Seals Knowledge Engineering Designed to optimize machinery performance From moulding high quantities to mach Sealing for power transmission The performance and service life of a power transmission. We are open to new methods and visionary approaches a prerequisite for innovations.

FUCHS Industrial Lubricants Innovative solutions need experienced application engineers Every lubricant change should be preceded by expert consultation on the application in question. With their innovative wear and corrosion protection, as well as their mechanical resistance, the latest high-tech greases play a key part, even under x2 harshest of conditions.

Thanks to our many years of application experience in the field of rail vehicles, FUCHS offers a large number of greases with proven track records for deployment even under the harshest conditions.

Extension of changing intervals possible. Heimatec s 40, square foot facility. It is the responsibility of the user to test the functional suitability of the products and to use them with the corresponding care.

Renolit S2 TX | Power Lube Industrial

Chevron Supreme Synthetic Motor Oils. Also for lubricating traction motors and wheel bearings of buses. Excellent aging and temperature resistance. A lubricant s quality can depend More information. Food processing industry Your production is secure with nevastane lubricants Food safety: It offers a good load-carrying capacity, outstanding corrosion protection properties, even under unfavourable environmental influences humidity, aggressive atmosphere and water and a high degree of thermal z2.

Reliable transmissions for a wide range of applications.

  ASCO 8211 PDF

The corrosive attack on the outer bearing ring in contact with water is evaluated after approximately 7 days. Experienced FUCHS engineers will be happy to advise on products for the application in question and also on our full range of lubricants. The low temperature suitability is assessed with regard to the stiffer consistency at correspondingly low temperatures. It does not represent the standard and should only be used rfnolit reference, you may choose. Motor Oil for 75,Plus Miles.

Due to the growing trend of using high speed and heavy freight trains for ever longer routes in the rail transport sector, modern axleboxes must offer a longer service life while handling ever greater loads and stresses in terms of weight and temperature.

A product for every application. Want to move me? Following test runs applying defined bearing speeds, temperatures and axial loads, the wear on both the roller bearings and cages is determined. Reliable energy efficient suitable for high loads Tapered Roller Bearings Reliable energy efficient suitable for high loads Tapered roller bearings a premium product from FAG Tapered roller bearings are characterized by high radial and axial load carrying More information.

Lubrication General principals of lubrication Choosing the type of lubrication Grease lubrication Characteristics of greases Greasing recommendations Choice of grease according to the. We therefore retain the right to change our product program, the products, and their manufacturing processes as well as all details of our product information sheets at any time and without warning.

Fuchs Renolit S 2

RENOLIT LX-PEP 2 is particularly well suited to lubricating cardan shafts in rail vehicles, and can also be used for lubricating the electric motor bearings of traction motors and wheel bearings of buses. As a universal axlebox grease, it is suitable for use in high-speed trains, locomotives, passenger and freight trains.

Terms and definitions A. However, safety and reliability are not the only issues, as emphasis must also be placed on the economic efficiency of the means of transport deployed. With this challenge in mind. About the book Design for lifetime performance and reliability III About the book The objective of this book is to provide guidelines for engineers helping them to improve machine renopit performance and reliability.


Modern lubricants designed to meet manufacturers exacting specifications already.

However, we also develop application-specific, tailor-made greases in close cooperation with our customers which are perfectly matched to the respective requirements. Engine Oils Q8 versione 3. Recommended by the Professionals used by the Best Flexible Gasketing and Sealing Solutions Recommended by the Professionals used by the Best Key requirements for modern silicone products New design compatibility Modern engines are designed to be compact, More information.

Our products are subject to continuous further development.

Trucks, Buses, Waste-Collection Vehicles. In addition to this, the suitability of the greases for railway applications is confirmed by an external laboratory.

As a German company with its headquarters in Mannheim, we are the largest independent lubricant specialist, and this independence makes all the difference. The refined petroleum mineral or synthetic material that is produced by a refinery to a required set of specifications.

Comments on grease applications with swivel motion at low rotational speed Rev. The type of crusher used will depend on a variety of factors including the type of mine. Longer and longer routes, often accompanied by extreme temperature fluctuations, and extended maintenance intervals truly test the smooth interaction of highly stressed mechanical components in the rail transport sector. Offers very good cold-start properties and excellent aging resistance for additional fuel savings over the entire oil change interval.

Auxiliary oil cooler A device that allows air. Gadus is a comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs. Axleboxes As the interface between wheelsets and bogie frames, axlebox bearings have an extremely important function and must meet a large number of technical requirements in rail vehicles.