: Fundamentals of Computers: Table of contents Chapter 1. Understanding the Fundamentals of Computers: E. Balagurusamy zoom_in. Read FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS book reviews & author details and more at This item:FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS by E Balagurusamy. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With C++. PDF download. Download 1 file. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With.

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Textbook E. Balagurusamy, Fundamentals of Computers, Mc Graw Hill.

These scanners are also known as film scanners as they can easily scan the original image of the film. Microphone Webcam Graphics tablet.

New Perspectives on Microsoft Office The DRAM needs to be continuously refreshed with power supply because the capacitor has the tendency to get discharged.

Auth with social network: The voice response system is of two types: A very large comouters Super Computers: The arithmetic operations can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The main task of an output device is to convert the machine readable information into human-readable from which may be in baoagurusamy form of text, graphics, audio or video.

Garbage-In, Garbage-Out Dumb machine.

Typically, capacities are described using the unit of byte as follows: Registration Forgot your password? It also consumes a lot of power and produces a large amount heat.


Projects were initially used for showing films but now they are used on a large scale for displaying presentations in various situations. The digital camera consists of a built-in computer, which helps in recording the images electronically. The unique capabilities and characteristics of a computer: The data can be easily read from this type of memory but cannot be changed.

The voice computerrs devices are used for various purposes such as dictation, training air-traffic controllers, etc.

They act as an interface between the computer and the user. The CPU retrieves the instruction from the main memory of the computer system. We can provide the input to a computer in two ways: Display monitors Printers Plotters Voice output systems Projectors.

It is mostly used in video games and electronic dictionaries.

It allows the random access of data and provides the facility of erasing and re- recording the data as many times as required. Data Communications and Networks Capturing and storing thousands of images on a single memory ablagurusamy Editing as well as deleting the images Recording the video clip with sound Showing the just recorded video clip on the camera screen.

Fundamentals of Computers – E. Balaguruswamy – Google Books

Can store any type of data, such as text, audio, video, image. As the frequency of light changes, these scanning devices detect the change and the output obtained after scanning also gets accordingly changed.


These needles help in encoding a single bit of information by getting polarized in one direction represented by 1, and opposite direction represented by 0. DRAM retains the data for a very short span of time, even after the power supply is switched off. Used for controlling the movement of cursor and screen display. It also provides a change in the resolution without affecting the clarity of the picture.

Fundamentals of Computers

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The details on the bank cheques, such as cheque number, bank and branch code are written with the magnetic.

The result computed in the execution phase is either sent to the memory or to an output device.