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Albanian – Language Directory

Other measures from sections 34 to 37 of this Law. Inshortly after the communist party took power, older coins were withdrawn from circulation and these all depicted the socialist national crest.

Estimated Data Verify Your Website. Leading Destination Sites Websites where people were diverted to from gazetatema. Speech of the ex-Prime Minister. Primary Health care services are implemented through family medicine services; Essential violation of the code of medical ethics.

Health Insurance Fund shall become operational on 1 st January InSulejman Bargjini, a ruler, built the Old mosque, a small commercial centre.

Health care system provides and implements uniform health information system. Almost all of the largest companies, media and scientific institutions have their headquarters in the city, the city is ranked in the Top 10 of the sunniest cities in Europe with a total of 2, hours of sun. Health care system is organized at three levels: Health worker from section 96, full time employed in the public Health Care Institution, could implement private health care activity, after regular working hours.


What do you think about our audience interests analysis? Upon the request of the Family Doctor that treated the deceased before the death. Basic principle for organizing Professional Health Services is functional integration at all levels of health care. These coins depict the mint marks R or V indicating Rome or Venice, aluminium-bronze 0. Treatment, conditions and manner of using the non-conventional therapeutic methods shall be defined in inteegrimi sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.


Funds collected by fines are delivered to the Kosovo Consolidate Budget. Health Care Institutions shall integirmi organized as: Non-compliance with necessary preconditions in order to provide health care; and.

The Ministry of Health provides the procedure on the preparation of strategic, mid-term and operational plans for all health care levels. The Ministry of Health shall ensure that legal provisions that should be enter into force in the cases of emergencies are ready for endorsement.

The service sector dominates the economy, followed by the industrial. integrmi

University Clinical Center of Kosovo should be reorganized in accordance with this Law until 31 st December Laws of Ahtisari package. The health worker shall provide professional assistance within his abilities, knowledge and responsibilities at all times and in all places.


Basic Health Insurance Scheme for all citizens shall be based on principles of equity, reciprocity and solidarity. As argued by various archaeologists, Tirana and its suburbs are filled with Illyrian toponyms, as its precincts are some of the earliest inhabited regions in Albania. Health Care Institution network and establishment. What do you think about our similar sites analysis? Supervisory Board supervises the Health care Institution.

Health workers have the right to be on strike in accordance with the law. Public health is high health care priority and organized activity of the society as a whole aiming at improvement of the health status of the population through health education, health promotion and through promotion of the healthy lifestyle, as well the prevention of diseases, disorders and injuries.


During emergency situations, the provision of health care is carried out in accordance with sub-legal act approved by the Kosovo Government on proposal by the Ministry of Health.

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The Primary Health Care Institutions are: The present law shall enter into force after adoption by the Assembly on the date of its promulgation by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General. Health care in the Health Care Institutions shall be implemented in accordance with procedures and conditions defined by this Law and general acts of the Health Care Institution. Internal professional supervision should be organized and provided by the responsible person of Health Care Institution, based on sub-legal acts of the institution.

Health care treatment from section 22 of this Law shall be applied through: The health worker and the Heath Care Institution shall report their services upon the request of the competent authorities by not infringing on the right of the patients and by maintaining the medical confidentiality, with the exception of the cases provided in the relevant law.

Provisions for protection against radioactive irradiation and the chemical substances.