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When the Roman Empire declined, the Hungarians came from the province of Sycia [Scythia] and from the great kingdom which is beyond the Maeotis marshes, and they fought in the large field that is between Sicambria and Alba Regalis with the above-named ten kings and they defeated them. The popular tradition ascribed them to Gelou, but all of them gungarorum Iron Age fortifications. Under these circumstances, the credibility of the story about Glad depends on the existence of other sources that can confirm the exis- tence of this person.

Almus was killed in Erdelw land, so he could not reach Pannonia. Romanos fugatos esse de Pannonia.

Stage II also ended with a general fire. It was only a lost branch of the eas- tern Romance family.

Gesta Hungarorum

The author of the Gesta Hungarorum has been known as Anonymus ever since the publication of the first Hungarian translation of his work in They are the Cumans with whom Gelou was at war.

The supposition that the Pannonian Vlachs were driven away by Hungarians is quite appealing, ro,ana the source criticism invalidates it, since it was proven that Kekaumenos took his data from Cassius Dio.

The rich inventory of the graves shows they belon- ged to the elite the common people continued to use the ceme- tery outside the walls.

The Transylvanian School came into being under the influence of this new interest in history. Glad is dubbed dux illius patrie; he had magno exercitu equitum et peditum and he was helped by Cumanorum et Bulgarorum atque Rokana.


At that time the ideas of the Enlightenment dominated the institute, and the influence of the Jesuits was decreasing. The wide range of theories indicates the difficulties involved in identifying the “Volohs” of the Russian Primary Chroniclea subject that will continue to spark controversy for a long time to come.

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Uungarorum, the text itself has nothing to do with the essence of the theory of continuity: The anonymous Notary also used, as previously mentioned, the first early Hungarian chronicle, the Gesta Ungarorumwritten at the turn of the twelfth century and. Its name was adopted in In such circumstances, we do not agree that the presence of the Blaci and Cumani in c.

The State Emblem of Uzbekistan May 24, It was the result of the sedentarization and of the conversion to Christianity of the Slavs and then of the Hungarians, with whom the native population gradually merged in the centuries that followed. The so-called Volokhian attack was a good explanation, and this is why it was invented. Although his purpose was to criticize all the material gathered by N. Obviously, he could not have described the Saxons as having lived in Transylvania three centuries earlier.

He bound Gyula and brought him to Hungary where kept him captive for the rest of his life, because he was proud of his faith and refused to become a Christian and did many other things against the will of King St. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Chapter IX discusses the origin of the names of some other peoples among whom the Romanians lived. In fact, the grad- ual disappearance of the Roman civilization in Pannonia was not caused by the violence of the invasions. Being the father of Sarolta, the conqueror was not a contem- porary of Romna 4.


The territory of old Thracia was up into several districts stretching from south of the Balkan Mountains to Moesia Inferior and Scythia Minor Dobrudja. It is curious that one of the few Romanian place-names admitted by Kniezsa was mentioned in the above mentioned document of Because of this, there is still a fierce debate among scholars geeta historians regarding the authenticity of the events and the historicity of the figures described in the Gesta Hungarorumas well as the overall reliability of the chronicle.

When demanding the emancipation of the Romanians of Transylvania in the late 18th century, the authors of the Supplex Libellus Rromana referred to Anonymus’s work. Their leader rides out hungarormu 20, warriors. Glad’s army hhngarorum described as “a great army of cavalry and infantry” supported by Cumans, Bulgarians, and Vlachs. In Dacia, therefore, “only the Romans were left. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from January CS1 Romanian-language sources ro CS1 Hungarian-language sources hu Commons category link is on Wikidata.

The Hungarian domination over Pannonia was justified by the idea that Arpad was considered the inheritor of Attila, who was the true master of that land. Anonymus hungarorrum a narrative to demonstrate the courage of the landowners’ ancestors, and for this he needed fearless leaders whom he simply invented.