Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers compiled by Srila Bhakti. Download the Gaudiya Giti-guccha at Aptoide now! ✓ Virus and Malware free ✓ No extra costs. Gaudiya Giti-guccha – Gaudiya Giti-guccha application presents the entire collection of the latest and classic Gaudiya bhajans and prayers.

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Therefore please do not frown at me. There is no limit to Your mercy. Debora rated it it was amazing Mar 14, She is very mysterious with Her countless deep qualities. It was started from the children of GBVS during Hari steals all our anarthas, sins and miseries. This is your misfortune. He lifted Govardhana Hill at such giri tender age and He subdued Kaliya-naga by putting a rope through his nose, dragging him out of the Yamuna.

I swam in the ocean of nectar, but that nectar turned out to be poison. Those sweet, soft, auspicious sounds come and grace everyone! I offer my prayers unto the lotus feet of Sri Gurudeva. Bhaktivinoda presents his sad case at the feet of the Lord. The same standard system of diacritics are used for all the songs in this book, and all the above languages share some important char- acteristics; however, there are some special rules that apply individu- ally to Bengali and Hindi.

Upon seeing the brilliant golden complexion of His large body, Mount Sumeru abandoned its pride and worshiped that complexion with all of its gitj majestic beauty. The Vedic scriptures declare that Krsna is the property of the maidservants of Srl Radha.


Sri Gaudiya Giti-guccha: An Anthology of Gaudiya Vaisnava Songs – Abridged Edition

Please let the bee of my mind be offered the nectarean honey of Your lotus feet. Did you forget Me? May that Yamuna-devT purify me. Their lotus foot-dust is my pahca-grasa, my life and soul.

OYou who assume these ten forms!

Krsna very joyfully eats all of the preparations. Desiring to enter the eternal service of Sri Radha and Krsna, I repeatedly offer prandma to you, who are so dear to Sri Rrsna.

What will be the destination of the sinful souls of Gjccha and how will they be redeemed? May that Sri Jagannathadeva be the object of my vision. Your joyful face blooms like a lotus and You delight in pastimes in buccha kuiijas of Vraja.

Where have they gone? You have this right because I am Your eternal servant. Brother, have no faith in that person who wears a crest of peacock feathers. By his grace all of our desires for spiritual perfection are fulfilled.

You are patita-pdvana, purifter of hiti fallen. Taking a piece of straw in my teeth, my humble entreaty to You is that She, who is the love of Your life, will remain my dear worshipable goddess birth after birth. May that Govardhana fulfill my desire that I also can hear that verbal hattle.

Govinda dasa tells this sad story. Who is more merciful than You in this world?

Gaudiya Giti-guccha

Taking up the sharp sword of Your mercy gucha severing this bondage, please make this Bhaktivinoda Your servant again. I offer pranama unto your lotus feet. I will become attached only to that which is favorable for serving SrT Krsna. Take the association of sadhus and cross over this ocean of birth and death.


Full text of “Gaudiya Giti Guccha”

One should never give pain to any living entity by body, mind, or words. Even after receiving this rare human birth, I have wasted this life, not guvcha performed bhajana of Radha-Krsna.

STta, the wife of Advaita Acarya, is very favorable for Mahaprabhu seva and can give krsna-prema.

Thus, they are worthy of worship throughout the three worlds. As the transcendental Kamadeva, He chastises the evil- minded and destroys deceit. In the three worlds there is none equal to Him. These garments are also the same beautiful dark hue of the Yamuna who is greatly fearful due to the striking of Your plough. May that supremely enchanting Radha-kunda be the shelter of my life.

O You who dispel atheism! Time and again I offer pranama to SrTmatT Radhika, Your dearmost beloved, and I also offer pranama hundreds of times unto Your wondrous, unlimited pastimes. Vowels In English, we are accustomed to pronouncing most vowels as diphthongs: Out of Your magnanimity, kindly deliver this degraded person. Vladana marked it as to-read Jan 11, Alas, O Gurudeva, give me the shade of your lotus feet – at your feet I have surrendered.

I am so fallen that I have no strength or intelligence. Oh, why am I not attracted to it?