The following is an “Incompletion Triggers” list to assist you in evaluating your current This list has been taken from Getting Things Done. Trigger list for incomplete tasks for weekly planning under “collect” step of GTD (An Incompletion is anything you pay attention or give thought to that needs to. My tribute to all the GTD junkies out there (a group that for a long time included me) — a massive list of GTD stuff. It’s far from comprehensive.

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What I did instead was create a list of my own, taking all incomplstion points which were relevant. So to start I drew up a Calendar as I like to always have a yearly outlook. The trigger list helps my personal development with my blog so much, as it forces me to focus.

Product Management Idea management, sprint planning, processes, team, budgets, timelines, product roadmaps, internal communication and demos.

I know that Mattermark and CB Insights have these by segment, but I want my own list and to apply my own logic. I strive for Inbox Zero but am usually not there.

I also do this with my boss as we have a weekly video chat standing meeting to review anything outstanding. David Allen summarizes this collecting phase in a very simple way: I will continue to be a fanboy incomppletion The next thing that Incompltion do is write the first immediate action on my Next Actions list the thing to remember with the Next Actions list is that it is essentially a To-Do Immediately list.


Once I have completed the item I cross it off both lists. As life tasks crop up that I need to discuss with Sarah, I associate them with her in the Things and wait until our Life Dinner to discuss. To share any knowledge I may have or experiences I have. Organising In this phase you take all of the ideas from your brainstorming session lust formulate them into some form of plan.

I want to know about their investments. They know my travel habits based on where I save Lizt and all of the travel data I store in Evernote. Keep an eye out for my Blog Planner Trigger list: How easy is to collect… and how much effort it takes! The new Mailbox app enhances the processing phase of the GTD workflow.

I hope that it inspires you to go read the book or at least look at ways to help improve upon your organisational methods: They are passionate about what you are selling and you are absent. However, the community around GTD is weakening. This phase helps to set the boundaries and scope of your project and provide motivation. Something about the iteration, background noise and community felt like a massive advantage I had in my corner. Where is the support from David Allen Co? You turn on the computer and you see the application you need with the data you need.


GTD Trigger List / Reference — Hack / Make

There are a lot of things in your life that do not put any pressure on you. One for my daily life and one for my blogging. I have already shared the list for my daily planner so now I am sharing the list for my blog planner. The Stationery Geekette x Advertisements.

I am also working on a trigger list for my blog planner as well.


In order to gain control, you need to gather everything that you consider somehow incomplete. Actually, I do know, these guys have executed on big things that impact my daily life and I admire that. It combines GTD with a form of bullet journaling and other incomplegion too. Posts are closed gttd new comments after 30 days.

A women in Denver has planned a GTD event in which 3 people show up each month. If you asked people on the street about GTD maybe 1 would know, this sucks. Chapters that blew me away and taught me something brand new: Feature Development Scoping, customer interviews, idea validation, wireframes, designs, details and QA.

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