CAMPUS Datasheet for Hytrel® Grade from DuPont Engineering Polymers . Hytrel® Datasheet. THERMOPLASTIC POLYESTER ELASTOMER. Supplied by DuPont Performance Polymers. Create your free Prospector account to. Product Information. DuPont. ™. Hytrel. ® thermoplastic polyester elastomer. Hytrel® Mechanical. Tensile Stress. ISO / MPa.

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Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet.

CAMPUSplastics | datasheet Hytrel® 5526

This information may be subject to revision as new knowledge and experience becomes available. Suggested Search Criteria – Please checkmark one or more criteria. Home Imprint Privacy Statement About. Free online registration is available.

CAMPUSplastics | datasheet Hytrel®

It is specially recommended for injection molding applications requiring high flow properties. Please enable JavaScript and click Reload in order to visit this website.

It is specially recommended for injection molding applications requiring high flow properties. In addition, it resists many jytrel chemicals, oils and solvents. It contains a color-stable-stable antioxidant package.

Nothing in this publication is to be considered as a license to operate under or a recommendation to infringe any patent rights. Inactive data sheets have usually been replaced with newer information on the same material. Hhytrel the following short links to get hytdel to the properties of interest in this datasheet: Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: The data provided should not be used to establish specification limits or used alone as the basis of design; they are not intended to substitute for any testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of a specific material for your particular purposes.


It contains non-discoloring stabilizer. Special grades include heat stabilised, flame retardant, food contact compliant, blow molding and extrusion grades. For disposal, local regulations have to be observed. The information provided in this data sheet corresponds to our knowledge on the subject at the date of its publication. Concentrates offered include black pigments, UV protection additives, heat stabilisers, and flame retardants.

It contains non-discoloring stabilizer. In addition, it resists many industrial chemicals, oils and solvents. For access to this extra information a registration is requested.

For further information, please contact your DuPont representative. You may search for properties like tensile modulus, MVR, Charpy etc. We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding error. The contents, results, and technical data from this site may not be reproduced either electronically, photographically or substantively without permission from MatWeb, LLC.

Additional information about this material, like producer contact address, etc. Search Please enter your search terms in English.


Material Data Center | Datasheet Hytrel®

View Datasheet in another language. Any use of this information falls under the rules of our disclaimer. Material datasheets available free. Standard fuel without alcohol pref. Pinboard 0 Scatter Slider Gradelist Reset. Hyfrel fuel without alcohol pref. Since DuPont cannot anticipate all variations in actual end-use conditions DuPont makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information.

It is specially recommended for injection molding applications requiring high flow properties.