Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In the midst of a war between two galactic empires, Consider Phlebas (A Culture Novel Book 1) – Kindle edition by Iain M. Banks. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. A Definitive Ranking of Iain M. Banks’ Culture Novels . A novel detailing the fallout of the Culture’s machinations in Consider Phlebas (more. The retail giant and streaming outlet has acquired rights to the first novel in Iain M . Banks’ “Culture” series.

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It’s one thing on your first read, and something else entirely on subsequent visits. Fal ‘Ngeestra holds up ideas and turns them, thinking about them from all angles.

While he is resourceful and confident, and occasionally even affable, he truly connects with only one person. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Just imagine for a moment that you no longer had to do your job in order to enjoy your favorite hobbies and entertainments.

There’s a big war going on in that novel, and various individuals and groups manage to influence its outcome. The book was generally very well received as a fast-paced space opera with a morally ambiguous hero and lots of grand scenery and devices.

Corey, and Becky Chambers have helped keep New Space Opera going well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, alongside the British writers that continue in that tradition. Consider Phlebas takes place during the Idiran War, the consequences of which would reverberate through the Culture for centuries to come. She’s able to comment on the story as it’s happening, almost like the narrator in Don Quixote or other epic picaresque novels.

I am a Culture woman—give me that opportunity to do my own thing for a much-lengthened life in excellent health.

And so I let him it? Banks takes us into a universe very different from our own; a universe of planets and orbitals, of spacefaring humanoid and alien species, space-living civilizations and societies, composed of old ban,s and ancient histories that create an incredible new, but deep world with living organisms, artificial or not, iaiin give their own breath.

The question of how humanity will deal with or survive, or whatever the Singularity should be a philosophically engrossing aspect to any book that touches on the subject, but Banks really doesn’t seem to want to stretch himself reaching for the tough stuff when his izin imagination can spin off so much vomit-flavored cotton candy. Now, there are some smaller arcs in the book too, so it’s not all back-loaded, and some of them were okay, but they suffered from the same structural problems as the rest of the book.


Both considef advanced utopian human civilizations, and respected by alien races.

So Yes, I think intimate is the word I was looking for, at least as intimate as one can be with a fictional character. To ask other readers questions about Consider Phlebasplease sign up. Bazan, of the honors high school Civilization class always insisted that boredom was due to the person complaining of it the students, naturally not asking enough questions. He’ll talk about how, if the prisoner escapes and gets a gun, it won’t be good for the main characters–as if that were some kind of revelation–but in every case, these are just red herrings, so it becomes easy to predict the outcomes of the book by assuming that anything the characters worry about won’t happen.

Unfortunately, the title’s suggestion of literary intertextuality soon wilted on the vine, so I dialed-back my expectation to ‘amusing, rollicking adventure’. It certainly is a lot of fun, and feels more action based than most of the books that came later.

Amazon Adapting Iain M Banks Space Opera Consider Phlebas | News | Movies – Empire

Yet, when through an accident or some other unexplained happening he gets left alone in space, Horza will soon find himself into a pirate ship, and an unknown crew, bringing him from planet to orbital, and into an adventure that, as unusual situations will get at play, will pjlebas his survival even more difficult; an adventure through the galaxy that, if he fails to find a way to bring the Mind back before their enemies, may lessen their hopes for a victorious war, destroying all he and the Idirans have achieved so far.

Remember when we met Aragorn in Lord of the Rings? In an interview in Socialist Review he claimed he did this after he “abandoned the idea of crashing my Land Rover bank the gates of Fife dockyard, after spotting the guys armed with machine guns.

I said it well enough above, but I do want to mention that it was a pleasure to listen to Peter Kenny’s narration of the book. The bahks and stale names given to the starships by humans, such as General Systems Vehicle and Rapid Offensive Unit, are contrasted wildly and wonderfully with the names that the Minds give themselves and bqnks the ships.


Maybe developing a deep main character? This book is hard-core, gateway reading-crack.

Consider Phlebas

The plot seemed to meander a bit as it moved towards the conclusion, and while I always enjoyed reading it, I did enjoy rushing it a little towards the end.

I’m always surprised by his writing, and that keeps me coming back for more. I decided it was not the time to start that re-read. Metaphors are intended to provide the reader with a more clear and physical comprehension of the world, not with a cloudy possibility of ‘some’ resemblance.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The machines are very well done. The argument that an economy of abundance renders anarchy and adhocracy viable or even inevitable attracts many as an interesting potential experiment, were it ever to become testable.

I wasn’t wowed by speculative insight, intrigued by unpredictability, or amused by an exciting story. Not only are the emotions flat due to the expositional method of characterizationthey’re also surprisingly modern and staid, especially for a story about alien cultures.

And I can still remember the delight of coming across a ‘hard’ SF writer whose politics were, for a change, anti-authoritarian. This is big concept, sprawling stuff, and Banks has both the imaginative chops and the writing skills to make it a must read.

The humans use their advanced technology to support a relaxed, hedonistic life-style, with a lot of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Paul Perry Corey wrote: You can always spot it when a woman walks in the room and gets a description several times as long as any male character. What moves would it make? Sep 22, Bonnie rated it it was amazing.

Banks novel every twenty months or so is a source of great sadness. So what does this book have in common with those games. Then, a bit later, this character–who has been shown as deliberate, conniving, and calculating throughout–suddenly behaves erratically and does a bunch of short-sighted, stupid things for no apparent reason, except that it lets the author put in his Big Chase Scene.

Oct 02, Wanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Principles were at stake. There is life in death, thus death matters. Eliot ‘s poem The Waste Land.