Imperial policing [Charles William Gwynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Gwynn’s (–), short book Imperial Policing (London: is harder to find investigations into the command of ‘imperial policing’, where senior offi-. Imperial Policing. Front Cover. Sir Charles William Gwynn. Macmillan and Company, Limited, Bibliographic information. QR code for Imperial Policing.

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When rioting results from an organised movement, the Mutiny becomes present to all European minds. When it is a matter of suppressing rioting some of the advantages conferred by modern weapons and their limitations should be understood. Inti marked it as to-read Oct 16, General Dyer’s action dominates the whole of the Amritsar incident, but the events which led up to it are of interest impefial illustrating the task of troops quite apart from their bearing on his decision.

Imperial policing

In view of the. In policlng serious cases, where armed rebellion is not encountered but disorder is of the nature of riots, communal or anti-Government, which have passed out of civil control, there is the same necessity for firmness but an even greater necessity for estimating correctly the degree of imperia, required. One can formulate general principles, but the difficulty lies in providing opportunities of learning to apply them.

No procession of any kind gsynn permitted to parade the streets of the city, or outside of it at any time. It is an important trade centre in the Punjab withinhabitants, Moslems and Hindus both strongly represented.

Connor, an assistant Commissioner, who was endeavouring to make his way to the police station in the city. Another bank, still nearer and in full sight of the Police station, was attacked, though fortunately its two British officials were able to take.

They are recorded in the report of the Committee of Investigation together with incidents which occurred practically simultaneously at other places in India. Similarly, when other means have proved.

On seeing this, some local lawyers came forward and volunteered to take the crowd away.

Probably some of the crowd had sticks, but they made no hostile movement. The principles and doctrines which the book policinh out to define and illustrate, appear to have been confirmed by recent experiences; I have therefore not revised it, but in this edition have merely added two new chapters recording episodes of special interest.


The military side of the local defence scheme oplicing evidently designed, as must be the first consideration in India, for the protection of the European community and railway communications, and as Mr. The presence of the civil official does not relieve him of responsibility; in some cases, as when it is necessary to override advice, it may add to it. Beckett, an assistant Commissioner, arrived and attempted to explain that it could not be allowed to pass.

Official records are often confined to reports of commissions of enquiry set up as a result of political controversy to ascertain how far imperoal use of force was abused or necessary. First, in early Aprila neo-conservative on the Coalition Provisional Authority, named Philip Rubin, had the temerity to deprecate how the British handle peacekeeping around Basra even as the US was experiencing profound problems in Fallujah from Sunnis and in the Shiite towns of Najaf, Karballa and Basra.

Imperial Policing

In the case of ordinary rioting the military authority relies almost exclusively on it. Even when martial law is in force the task of restoring order does not rest on the Army alone. Any marshalling of crowds that may be necessary is better in the first instance left to the police.

The question of the employment of armoured fighting vehicles will be discussed in the chapter describing riots in Peshawar.

Imperial Policing – Sir Charles William Gwynn – Google Books

The second edition of ” Imperial Policing ” has as much relevance in the 21 st century as it did on the eve of the Second World War, when it was published, and provides our combat leaders and policy makers much insight useful to the problem of restoring order to Iraq, Hwynn and the Pashtun Federally Administered Tribal Area FATA in neighboring Pakistan.

Responsibility is often thrown on quite junior officers for the action necessary. The problem he had to deal with was threefold:. For somewhat similar reasons troops should not, when it can be avoided, be required to effect arrests.


Irving arrived and withdrew the picket some hundred yards to get them clear and sent Mr. Return to Book Page. This acknowledgment of the vital importance of the police functions of an army, even in the case of homogeneous nations, has still greater weight when applied to the British Empire, affected as it is by all the currents and eddies of racial, religious and political interests.

Anything which can be interpreted as weakness encourages those who are sitting on the fence to keep on good terms with the rebels. By 4 o’clock, having received definite information as regards the meeting, he took personal command of the troops designed to disperse it.

There are some aspects of it, however, to which attention may be drawn. THE widespread outbreak of disorder in Egypt in March came as a disappointment to people in England wHo had hoped that the establishment of a definite protectorate over the country would do much to eliminate the unrest which prevailed in it during the decade preceding the war.

Open Preview See a Problem? The facts of the incident were investigated, but the investigation which took place after a regrettable delay, and under political pressure when feeling ran high, was conducted by a Committee generally known as the Hunter Committee so composed that its findings were almost bound to be divergent and confusing.

It would have been easy to fritter away the small force in an. Digital Library Federation, December Armoured fighting vehicles require special and favourable conditions to enable their full potentialities to be exploited, though they may often prove a useful adjunct to an infantry or mounted force. Such measures should never be initiated by subordinate officers without due authority.

This picket quite correctly stopped the mob, and very soon Mr.