Check out Indifférence (Valse Musette) by Delphine Lemoine on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on 2 showing no care or concern in attitude or action; “indifferent to the sufferings of others”; “indifferent to her “Indifference ” a song in the Valse Musette style. Скачать mp3: “Indifference” Valse Musette, Accordion Solo on the Roland FR 1 . Reine de Walc Musette/French cafe music – Accordion/Akordeon. Все MP3.

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Jo Privat has to be one of the best things that ever happened to the French accordion. Dance of Maple Leaf. I think I may have the answer. They loved to give it indiffreence licks on stage and you always kept listening in case they made a mistake. On that score I think she may have been correct. I remember reading Ferrero’s method book and his rebuke about the 4th row.

“Indifference” Valse Musette. Accordion PRO Review Chords – Chordify

This list is based on my personal preferences, and obviously concentrates mainly on the big names. Their style is ever so slightly different like their different musette tuning, which is more of that standard “North European” variety. I had an additional problem that I couldn’t learn off anybody else, until videos started to appear in the late 80s and I picked up quite a bit from them.

Jo Morage played a more “music teacher” style and you’ll see his pinky working overtime in this composition by Gus Viseur. I was unable to apply the Anzaghi method successfully to French musette, and began to look for an alternative.

It seemed to be the case, much like an electric guitar, musetye your mistakes were amplified.

Indifference – accordion musette (video)

Board index Contact us. If you are playing a strict tempo Scottish dance tune with the obligatory mega chord intro and exit, or whatever symphony of Beethoven’s you choose to undertake, and you make a mistake, then somebody will surely give you stick for your error.


I had never indiffeeence of Gus Viseur, Tony Murena, Emile Carrara, and vapse other “swing” type players, until I discovered cassettes with their names on them. But I like your attitude to the music a lot and I hope it encourages people to try things with musette music without worrying too much.

It has since been played by thousands of accordionists, good and bad, in many countries in the world, mussette why is it perceived as a difficult tune?

Musette is played by various types of accordion, some of which do not have the facility to play the three voice French musette tuning associated with “Paris accordion”. At one time he played a 4 row diatonic as did Scotland’s Will Starr. I quickly became a devotee but naturally had no clue whatsoever how he was playing his version of the tunes.

Maurice Larcange, one of France’s most famous and also from Valenciennes with his Belgian basses taught a whole battalion of young French players to play exactly like him. This video was taken in Beijing. In the years immediately preceding World War 2 several musette accordionists had already taken the chromatic instrument to another level and were beginning to incorporate other styles into the music.

Indifférence (Valse)

His technique was faultless and when he played those polkas the notes were played with a military like precision like machine gun bullets bouncing off a metal air raid shelter. His aunt, a prostitute, bought him his first accordion when he was a boy.

To sum up, I much prefer listening to players that are a bit rough around the edges like Jacky Noguez and his brother Claude Nouyes.

Sous Le Ciel De Paris. Now, there is some debate in France as to whether the accordion was actually invented in the Auvergne mustte in Italy.


[PDF] Indifference – Valse Musette – Spartito – Free Download PDF

I noticed that almost without exception they played those first two bars going into two octaves with just three fingers. Vales, as electronic amplification became available, some of them discarded the musette tuning altogether and played and recorded with single reeds only. Jo Courtin ineifference once Edith Piaf’s accordionist. I wanted to ask, what for you makes a great musette performance? I know this is a much debated subject, and this is only the opinion of an amateur player.

Romantice feeling automatically comes out from movements of reeds. One thing I didn’t like about him was the banter call outs valsf the audience before certain pieces, and also when he sang.

Curiously, though urged to modernise by colleagues he never really switched to CBA preferring the Mixte system.

I like Gus Viseur, which I think has to do with touch, timing, little variations in loudness, a moody feel with a bit of cheekiness thrown in In earlier times the three voice musette accordion tuning was deemed necessary to “cut through” the background noise made at dance halls and guingettes, as their outdoor version was to be named. Adherents of the Ferrero system end up playing three note chords with fingers 3,4, undifference 5, which I now find quite difficult.

Performed by Wang Yi and her friend. It seems that players who have gone to a teacher are taught to play and read in fairly strict tempo. The beauty of French musette is you can play the tune almost any way you like.