Huge List of Physics Investigatory Project Topic, Physics Projects, Science Fair Expo Ideas, CBSE Class 12 Projects, physical science projects X11 for Kids. Physics Investigatory Project Class 1. RAHUL KUSHWAHA KV NO.2 , NSB, VISAKHAPATNAM PHYSICS INVESTIGATORY. CBSE Class XII Physics Investigatory Project, – Appropriate content and format for the CBSE practical examinations.

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What are some easy investigatory projects on optics for class 12 physics?

What are good topics for biology project class 10? Some of the good topics for Investigatory file can be full wave rectifier ,logic gates ,LCR circuit,transformerAc generator.

Measuring amplitude on the oscilloscope and did a report on how it changes because of the p-n junction. What are the easiest physics projects for class 12 CBSE? Motion sensing lights and fans to save electricity 5. The Mathematics of Sympathetic Vibrations. That will be a good exercise.

Water purifiers for villages and farms 6. Logic gates may seem tough initially but will surely give good impression finally. You can go deep into Bohr’s atomic model, Planck’s hypothesis, oscillations and waves, Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory etc. Analysis of Black Hole Thermodynamics. The Focalization of Sound.


If you want to research about the topics cbes there are large no. Never copy others, be innovative and make sure your explanation is easily understood.

Physics Investigatory Project Topic

What are the best topics for investigatory project for CBSE class 12 physics? Study of Diffusion of Solids in Liquids.

Determining the Type of Particle in an Air Sample. What are some ideas for a physics project for class 11? What would some good topics be for an investigatory project for biology in class 11?

Physics Project Reports Free Download CBSE Students

Travelling microscope related That’s simple and easy. Try and focus on using science to solve common problems in your country or state because such projects can often win judges over in any circumstances. What is a unique topic for a chemistry investigatory project for class 12? You could try one of the following some indirectly related to physics and discovery.

Brass Instruments and Artificial Lips. You can read more about it here Temperature effect on resistivity of metals or conductors, semiconductors and insulators. Semiclassical Method to Predict Helium.


Tempest in a Teacup. Whatever you do, remember that creativity is very important, I mentioned this in some earlier answer too. What are the best physics investigatory project ideas for class 12?

Using Sound to Measure Temperature. All you need is a paper, iron filings and a bar magnet.

Net resistence of a circuit with resistences along the sides of a cube. How Do Varying Amplitudes. Can you give a general explanation for all the cases with an equation for intensity of light through n number of polarizers?

Will a Guitar String Vibrate Forever. Characterization of different materials based on their conductivity: