Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMGLS (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE VAC HZ 9VA) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA. Buy New or Surplus JANITZA UMG (UNIVERSAL MEASUREMENT DEVICE ) parts. Radwell also repairs JANITZA UMG View and Download Janitza UMG operating instructions manual online. Universal Measuring Device. UMG Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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A large database with frequently asked questions and all contacts of our support team are at your fingertips. Janitza datasheet CT German File size: Do you want to return to our survey later? Real Power, Sequence Chart If the bytes with the comment “Only internal use” are changed, this may lead to a faulty operation of UMG !

Configuration Of Umg If the averaging time, for example, for voltage L2 should The event memory, the peak and lowest value storage be changed to 5 seconds, please proceed as follows: Therefore the condition of software is contrast of the LCD display can be adapted by the user. User Password User password Master password With the four digit user password the user can protect the The four digit master password is needed for service programmed data and configuration against unintentio- purpose only and it is not announced to the user.

Program Changing Umgg Change contrast settings in configuration menu. Sum real power The external analogue outputs can only be indicated and On the internal analogue output of the UMG the sum programmed, when the protocol “06” Modbus RTU Ma- of real power shall be given out as a current.


janitza UMG 503 Manuals

Three wire measurement Option The UMG is suited for measurement in networks with or without neutral conductor. Table Of Contents The old EMAX-monthly-peak values are second. Tariff Change Over Tariff change over For energy measurement, which should be carried out in certain periods, four tariffs are available: Measured value rotation Program changing times Select All measured values are calculated two times per second Please scroll to display “changing time Pic” in menu and can be displayed.

These equipments and power analysers help you gain a comprehensive overview of your energy supplies and introduce the correct measures.

All dimensions are given in mm. Putting Into Service The input of the auxiliary voltage terminals 14, 15 of All devices are connected in bus structure line. Profibus Dp option Changing the control Byte incorrectly can lead to malfunctions of the UMG Real energy without reverse running stop Real energy supply Press key 1 for about 2 seconds and you return to the first Real energy consumption T00 measured value window of the measured value indicati Short product overview Energy and power quality measurement products Our services.

Networks with a neu- tral conductor are called four wire networks, without neutral conductor are called three wire networks. Up to 31 UMG and a over a distance of 15m.

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Current Transformer Current transformer Voltage transformer The ratio of the current transformer is set in configurati- The ratio of the voltage transformer is set in configurati- on menu CONF.


User manual ProData 2 German File size: If only 38 seconds are indicated for the period of storage, it cannot be granted any more, that the selected values Lowest values are saved in the UMG Rs Interface option The RS interface is suited for transmission of data over a distance of m.

Assign Limits Assign limits Example: Read 12 Bytes from address Index When the device is delivered, these proceed as follows: Please send the device back to the manufacturing works Contrast setting too dark. Therefore each UMG must have another device address. Set Pulse Valency Example: Measured Value Indication Learn more about our history and products.

Integration Measurement Solution Co.,Ltd.

Product brochures and information material Do you umf additional information about our products? It’s completely anonymous and takes less than a minute to answer. Large database of know how In our large knowledge database you will find everything about valid standards, harmonics, transients, flicker, current transformer, and much more. Rs Interface option Energy determination Starting time and running time are saved for the follo- The interrogation, for reactive energy janitzx T10 for wing real and reactive energy: Emax- Monthly- Peak Values