Results 1 – 17 of 17 A VIAGEM DO ELEFANTE by JOSÉ SARAMAGO and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. the 1 +1 = 1 Collection reinterprets the work A Viagem do Elefante (The Elephant’s Journey) of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago. Gifts for women, from the collection A Viagem do Elefante Vista Alegre. of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago, by David Almeida.

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Vase A Viagem do Elefante | Vista Alegre

They have cut him up for souvenirs and umbrella stands and the mahout has been apid off, generously, by the Archduke. And yet this book is primarily a book of humor.

That’s how affecting the writing is here. Want to Read saving…. Read this book to laugh, not to learn of an historical event. Retrieved from ” https: There were rarely two paragraphs on the same page. Saramago was having some snacks at a restaurant, when he noticed some engravings of an elephant on the walls.

I saw him clearly, sitting in an old comfortable chair in a dimly-lit room, talking in a gravelly voice, telling the story of Solomon the elephant, a wedding gift from a king to an archduke, and the long journey that brought him from Portugal through the Alps and finally to Vienna. It would certainly seem so but this is speculation. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As I read about the passage of the archduke and his cortege in their passage through the snowy Alps I was filled with foreboding. That idea, though not that exact expression, was in my mind from the beginning of The Elephant’s Journey. So far, the writing is charmingly saramaho, sly and pointed and wonderful in it’s own right, never mind the story which I am also enjoying. View all 13 comments.


Refresh and try again. Saramago was both a Communist and a famous atheist. The longest I recorded before I stopped counting was 12 pages. These partners elefantf cross-check this information with other data you have provided to them or that has been collected through the use of their services.

It’s hard to understand just why the archduke Maximilian should have decided to make such a j Here is a wonderful story, especially, I think, if you have a deep connection to animals.

José Saramago – A Viagem do Elefante by rafa rafaaxD on Prezi

However, Saramago does have a good story to tell here and he tells it well. Here is a wonderful story, especially, I think, if you have a deep connection to animals. XVI, a altura em que decorre esta viagem. I say to you, it is better to be a novelist, a fiction writer, a liar.

If nothing else, Saramago still makes his books into journeys, wandering, but they never stay lost for long. You start off fascinated, and vizgem remember Saramago’s wry humor and wandering sentences. See 1 question about A Viagem do Elefante…. It is written with moder Yes, this is a book of historical fiction.

A Viagem do Elefante

Solomon and his keeperSubhro, begin in dismal conditions, forgotten in a corner of the palace grounds. It’s hard to understand just why the archduke Maximilian should have decided to make such a journey at this time of year [winter], but that is how it is set down in history, as an incontrovertible, documented fact, supported by historians and confirmed by the novelist, who must be forgiven for taking certain liberties with names, not only because it is his right to invent, but also because he had to fill in certain gaps so that the sacred coherence of the story was not lost.

This book is a feast of verbal treats from the end to the beginning where, like The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentlemanthe narrative opens with a conversation in a marital bed, a conversation in which a monarch worries that a fall from grace can come very elfante Retrieved elefznte April The Archduke is not amused by the throngs of the pious.


With the release of this book comes the sad news of Saramago’s passing. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn you know that the Brenner Pass is central to that book and the author offers some of his enigmatic photographs of it.

It is worth paying a bit more for the audio version than struggling through the written, never ending sentences. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I normally like to read an author’s work chronologically, rather than jump in at the end and work backwards or around.

The story is of the King, what happens on the journey to the officers who escort the elephant and at the end of the journey, the Archduke. This novel was relentlessly linear. Then, given Saramago’s reputation, you feel tempted to start again.

So, if he is championing the fictional account of this factual journey over the historical one, he does it with an entire army of nods and winks: View all comments.

One particular slow day on the hazardous journey, a daydream temporarily carries subhro far off into the land of heroic deeds where he imagines himself being lauded by the entire Austrian court, but soon reality revealed itself to him exactly as it was, himself hunched on the elephant’s back, almost invisible beneath the snow, the desolate image of the defeated conqueror, demonstrating yet again how close the tarpeian rock is to the capitoline hill, on the latter they crown you with laurels and from the former they fling you down, all glory vanished, all honour lost, to the place where you will leave your wretched bones.

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