Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Jaspers to Spring compiled by Kurt Rossman – – In Karl Jaspers & Paul Arthur Schilpp (eds.), The Philosophy of . Karl Jaspers (–) began his academic career working as a . his Psychologie der Weltanschauungen (Psychology of World Views). Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German-Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong In , at the age of 38, Jaspers turned from psychology to philosophy, expanding on themes he had developed in his psychiatric works.

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The concept of philosophical faith is thus proposed, not as a doctrine of factual revelation or accomplished transcendence, but as a guide to transcendent communication, which balances the element of disclosure in faith with a critical philosophical veto on the absolutism of religious claims, and which consequently insists that transcendent knowledge must be accepted psycholkgy relative and incomplete.

Yet he felt himself a marked man until the end of World War II. Retrieved 22 October During and after the Second World War, his thought turned psycholoyy to politics and culture. But worrying eventually becomes self-conscious and opens a space for the critique of worry.

Jaspers concludes that the preeminent value upheld in philosophy is honesty. Since his early childhood, Jaspers suffered from chronic bronchiectasis that impaired his physical capabilities and awareness of his physical disabilities shaped his psycohlogy throughout his adult life and formed his sensitivity to psychological issues, including human suffering.

Jaspers was born in Oldenburg in to worldvieas mother from a local farming community, and a jurist father. The Idea of Philosophy and the Problem of Worldview.

As a consequence, Jaspers argued implicitly for the importance of mythical or symbolic forms in religious inquiry, and he indicated that both myth and religion contain, in similar measure, the interpreted residues of transcendence. Heidegger rejects this view and argues for the loneliness of genuine thought. Heidegger says that we have to restrict ourselves to this task recovering the original motivational situations in which the fundamental experiences of philosophy have arisen and this restriction is exactly what philosophy is.

It must be continually remembered.

Martin Heidegger, Critical Comments on Karl Jaspers’s Psychology of Worldviews – PhilPapers

Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 6. See delusion for further discussion. Ideas do not, as for Kant, simply mark the formal limits of knowledge, marking out the bounds of sense against speculative or metaphysical questions.


Jaspers became dissatisfied psycholofy the way the medical community of the time approached the study of mental illness and gave himself the task of improving the psychiatric approach.

I am trying to rough out a picture, a kind of map, and I have located two points on this terrain. Don’t miss a single issue. We do not solve the problem of being obsessed with wealth by becoming obsessed with power — or happiness, or goodness, or truth — or anything else. In Philosophy 3 vols,Jaspers gave his view of the history of philosophy and introduced his major themes. Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main 2. This is the case because the object we are trying to apprehend in our study is exactly what it is by virtue of the method we use to get to it.

Request removal from index. Only philosophy which can at once embrace and relativize secularism and embrace and relativize religion is able to undertake adequate existential inquiry, and philosophy which, in either direction, abandons the dialectical edge between these two commitments ceases to be genuine philosophy. First, he argued that the centre of religion is always formed by a falsely objectivized or absolutized claim to truth, which fails to recognize that transcendence occurs in many ways, and that transcendent truths cannot be made concrete as a set of factual statements or narratives.

Kant then became the philosopher for me and has remained so Johns Hopkins University Press. And in a way this is the same problem we are staring at with all great figures in cultural history who fail to be great men — e.

However, afterhis fortunes changed dramatically, and he figured prominently on the White List of the US-American occupying forces: University of Massachusetts Press.

Fortunately, the American troops arrived in Heidelberg two weeks earlier, on April 1 st His analysis of religion culminated in a discussion of Trinitarian theology which, echoing Ludwig Feuerbach’s anthropological analysis, asserted that the three parts of the trinity should be interpreted, not as factual elements of deity, but as symbolic ciphers of human possibility.

My own freedom can only exist if the other person is free. Jaspers responded to this characterization of Germany by claiming that societies which undermine the cultural role of the bourgeois elite are inherently unstable, and that the educated bourgeoisie has a primary role to play in upholding the preconditions of democratic culture.


We have to renounce late forms of philosophy because they fall short of the root form of philosophy in its still inchoate primordial state.

His nature was more inclined to take blame than to give it, and he called himself out from a too-serene, too-complacent high-mindedness. In the second and third editions, there were minor changes. One fails to be a human being with normal feelings, like caring about injustice or helping someone who is in pain. Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Jaspers to Spring It is not just reaction.

Karl Jaspers

Now, the subtitle that appeared in the earlier versions was removed and in the preface Jaspers indicates its high aim of satisfying the demand for knowledge, not only for physicians but for all who make mankind their theme.

He began from a Kantian perspective and wrestled with some effects of the categorical imperative — the idea that what a person does is bound up with a transcendent ideal of action. Philosophy is in search of truths whose status is independent of the method of establishing them. An Introduction to his Philosophical Activitytrans.

Jaspers then shifted from being a psychiatrist to being a philosopher, gaining a professorship in philosophy at the University of Heidelberg inwhere he taught until being pushed out of teaching by the Nazis by Self-being is only realized in communication with another self-being.

Jaspers thus attributed to transcendental ideas a substantial and experiential content. Realism, in this case, is about seeing everything — the good and the bad. Jaspers has hit upon the fundamental psychology of philosophy.

Karl Jaspers’ Concept of Universal History in the Context of his Age and Ours

Montmarquet – – American Catholic Kqrl Quarterly 83 2: The post later became a permanent philosophical one, and Jaspers never returned to clinical practice. Initially the task seems to be to take over the worry machine, reset the dials and decide for oneself what to worry about. Philosophy as FaithAmherst: Miron, Ronny,Karl Jaspers: Following Jaspers, this standpoint was elaborated in many later works.