Africa Kills Her Sun. Ken Saro-Wiwa. Dear Zole,. You’ll be surprised, no doubt, to receive this letter. But I couldn’t leave your beautiful world. Ken Saro-Wiwa’s political satire best captures the destructive nature In Africa Kills Her Sun, Saro-Wiwa cryptically prophesies his own death. By Zaynah McAdam. Dear Bana,. It is sad that you wouldn’t get this. But I wouldn’t live with myself if I didn’t reply to your letter. Yes, I received it.

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A perfect reply to all the characters in the story.

Anyone who has not read ths has not done literature. How blunt, audacious and bold he talks of,and for, the truth. He is to be punished for going against the grain after refusing to accept a bribe.

I would throttle her if Swro saw her. The silence of the graveyard. Perfect work Mr Ken And Jimba was once a Corporal in the Police Force.

The court hall was stunned; our guards were utterly amazed as we walked out the court, smiling. So yes, Billy was shocked, but it was more from the fact that you gave up easily without a fight rather than what you had shouted boldly at court.


Tell Jimba I did shed a tear to honor him, in fact two.

After Sunset (A reply to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Africa Kills Her Sun)

His honesty, though guilty or robbery, has cost him his life. Gitene Moses Mwongera 13 April at A coarse and vivid reminder to always stand for the truth no matter what srao costs us. Unknown 26 August at It really makes one reflect about life and decisions you take. I felt pain in my heart every time I did.

She then warned me to stay away from you. I have thought about it, you know.

In many ways Bana might see his life and execution as being a sacrifice. And that company consists of Presidents of countries, transnational organizations, public servants high and low, men and women.

How do I know about Monica, you ask? Unknown 29 October at But I should be glad to be rid of the world, of a meaningless existence that grows more dreary by the day. In no time they had gotten rid of me.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript keb your browser. But not without an epitaph. And maybe after shooting us, they might decide to throw our bodies into ien ocean.

It kdn have been the first time in all his experience that he found persons arraigned on a charge for which the punishment upon conviction is death, entering a plea of guilty and demanding that they be sentenced and shot without further delay.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Yet some miserable fellows will do it for a miserable salary ekn the end of the month. So at least to see the ocean once more. No doubt, many will ask the questions, but they will do it in the safety and comfort of their homes, over the interminable bottles of beer, uncomprehendingly watching their boring, cheap, television programmes, the rejects of Europe and America, imported to fill their vacuity.

Time is running out, Zole. Athanus Kamau 25 September at I see him burning out his dull, uncomprehending life, doing his menial job for a pittance and a bribe for the next so many years.

After Sunset (A reply to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Africa Kills Her Sun) – Wamathai

Nevertheless, I brought everything I had to the table. The more the reason I had to reply it. For some reason, he failed to do so. Notify me of new posts by email.