Make the Same Trades I Make in My Personal Account. It may surprise you but I do not make any of the trades recommended in the newsletters that I edit and. Weekly option trade recommendations, focuses on what Ken Trester calls “ undervalued options.” (Trester also writes Power Options Weekly, both seem to offer. About Ken Trester. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options.

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December 5, 5: Most but not all brokerages require sufficient capital in a margin to buy the stock if the put crosses below the strike price. Again only you can determine how much risk is appropriate for you. Warm regards, Ken Trester and Ron Jackson.

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Be the first to ask a question about Option Trading Secrets. You should do the same. March 14, You need to do the same. Still in some cases and because of changing market conditions I will buy back the put writes to avoid buying the stock. But when I buy these speculations I do so in small quantities as should you.

Anyway, I trade equity options for my own account and more to the point I trade credit spreads almost exclusively. For your help and convenience I’ve also published online three trading reports: So when I sell naked put I do so only with stocks I am comfortable with owning.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Govind marked it as to-read Sep 08, I called to complain and asked for a refund. The Details – How I Trade.

Trester, Kenneth

Adreno rated it liked it Oct 12, So over a year, that’s what you can oenneth if you decide to follow me in Trading with Ken Trester. January 28, September 18, 6: The few options that are very liquid and trade volume and low spread are usually not linked to shares that will provide great return. I’m a Pro so every day I scour the market to make personal trades.

If that occurs you may be forced to buy the stock. October 31, 2: Sergio Almeida marked it as to-read Apr 13, May 23, Now, In July, my tracking shows the majority of the recommended trades to be losers.

When you subscribe you get my newest book, Sure Bet Investingonline. Legal, Publishing tresteer Trading Information: Of the 5 weekly trade recommendations the vast majority are losers.

Only you can determine your level of trading expertise.

Negative return; sure way to loose money. Trading with Ken Trester. March 10, 4: Right now you the best trades on publication day for most option traders.


And finally I also make some naked call writes. It cannot be assumed that present or future recommendations will be profitable or equal past performance. I do not have access to or use “insider information. Margin requirements and your personal cash can limit the number of trades you can make. If You’re Ready for More Aggressive Trading – Trading Like I Do – Read On After months of internal discussion my staff and I have decided that many of you are sufficiently experienced that you may want to make the same trades I make, take a little more risk and probably make even more money.

You may or may not receive the same price prices as Ken Trester.

101 Option Trading Secrets

My option buys are pretty straightforward and the same consideration must be given to diversification and how much financial risk you want to assume. Loses surpassed any gains I would make. Paperbackpages.