This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized increments using a systematic, step by step approach. As much as possible, we aim to explain. Learn Kurmanji – Has several lessons with videos, audios and explanations. Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners – A good book, though it contains a lot of. Kurdish (Kurdish: Kurdî or کوردی) is a dialect continuum spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. It is part of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian group of.

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Her heftan ji hev re gotine: In the present tense, the familiar forms of the copula endings see Grammar in lesson 1 are simply added to the particle he- yielding: Help Center Find new research papers in: He read the stories. Do not ,urmanji those.

Learn Kurmancî – Internationalist Commune

Each stem is used as the basis for different tenses, moods etc. It is a quarter past 4. I am an engineer. The main difficulty with the present stem is that for most of the common verbs in the language, it cannot easily be predicted from the infinitive. Virtually every lesson includes audio of native speakers.


The park is not large lit. We are in the middle of this mountainous region lit. Bazar her roj hene. What day is it today?

Kurmanji Kurdish for the Beginners – Memrise

What are you putting into the water? If I am not wrong, he studies in Istanbul. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

I see myself in your face. If you go to the bazaar, you can find the things for very cheap.

My name is Salih and I am 22 years old. September, October and November are the months of the autumn. Nouns that denote persons, or higher animals, have the gender corresponding to their meaning. And I had thus fallen asleep. In this sense it can be compared to the present perfect tense in English.

I particularly like the poems of T. If the head noun is feminine, then the ezafe has the form -a: The donkey was tired of the people and headed off towards the mountain.


This place is older than the Axtamar Church. Do you want to come or not?

Learn Kurmancî

I go to school by bicycle. There are 8 vowels and 23 consonants in the standard Kurdish Roman-based alphabet. Latest Updates Lesson 15 has been added! There are twelve months in a year.

Fill in the blanks according to the information given in the dialogue above.

Kurmanji Kurdish

We have been lost in these big cities. Meyrem is older than her brother. What did you do after breakfast?