CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinský Soiree Price: EUR Scale: 0. Category: CDs – Slovak and Czech Evergreens, Theater, etc. Published by: OPUS Edition 0. Audiobook Soirée Authors: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský; Narrators: Milan Lasica, Július Satinský; Content: Just use the discount code LASICA in the basket. Number: Artist: Anonym Poster title: Lasica & Janovic & Satinsky – Soirée Year: ca Technique: FO Condition: B+ Size: 87 x 61 cm (34,39 x 24,

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And it has been in trouble ever since. She walks into the shop and buys it. Indeed, they always played these characters with a touch of afection. By the communist discourse I do not mean the set of ideological dogmas of the Party, lasia hardly anyone believed in. Working with the method of free associations, their seemingly banal dialogues about commonplace issues form unexpected connections to create paradoxes and contrasts pointing to the untruth and absurdity of the communist dogma.

For example, the collective property of the railway. It was the common man, ater all, who had created the dehumanising totalitarian regime and held it in place. And what were you doing?

What should I do? Essays on Post-Communist Literatures and Cultures, ed. Comedy arises through hyperbole: Because we respect the woman. Nobody knows which part of collective property is his and which belongs to others.


I would much rather take my bit of railway home.

– CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinsky Soiree

All kinds of animals made of stone sprouted water from their mouths. It restores this ambivalent wholeness Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. If potatoes are not enough for him, add some vegetables. Are you happy where you are? A woman walks down the street, looks into a shop window and what does she see?

Lasica a Satinský by Anna Skuhrová on Prezi

But as far as I know sea navigation is under Imro. Especially ater the occupa- tion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviets, this type of humour was demanded by the audiences. And even if they were, you would not get it out of me.

He has stopped going ishing with us. You can never be sure enough Are you not bored? Disbelief in all symptoms of oicial life was taken for granted and nose-thumbing the system was a national pastime. In a vegetable store? Rather than conventional political satire, which would have been impossible at the time, their texts subverted the political discourse by focusing on the word, the prime instrument of state propaganda, to expose its falseness through linguistic games and free play with associations.

It proved to be a satinsoy ground for subversion conveyed in the form of innocent allusions that could dodge censorship.

CD Milan Lasica & Julius Satinsky Soiree

We drank and laughed a lot. As if the devil had satinxky hold of me — I spat rainbow bubbles It could be said that bans and banishments were an important part of our career. You mean to say apartment. Unlike in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia the dissidents did not manage to organize themselves into a uniied group of resistance until November We breakfasted caviar, oysters, then they brought Beaujolais… S: It has only occurred to me satonsky, that it had never occurred to me back then Both Terdiman and Lasjca Hall6 argue that even though counter- discourses disrupt mainstream ideology, they are incapable of transforming social re- lations of power, as they are condemned to remain marginal to the dominant, and this symbolic victory has little or no efect on the concrete material level.

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Audiobook Soirée

But he knows everything. A few more buttons and we will have made it! I think it is metallurgical, or for sea navigation.

Bans short-term and long-term, de- initive banishments. But how is that possible? Playing along the system had become so internalised that it had become normal — Zygmunt Bauman calls it mass-produced hypocrisy Challenges to Communist Rule, the editors identify four types of resistance in communist countries: Nobody has a feeling of owning it.