Revelation has 20 ratings and 2 reviews. PlatKat said: When I finished reading The Game, Sean had another book for me. This was more of a how-to guide th. Revelation. Front Cover. Lovedrop. Venusian Arts, – Dating (Social customs ) – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Revelation. Venusian Arts’s Revelation reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of James Matador Stan Tayi, Lovedrop Chris Odom, Mystery.

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Buss Ultimately, as sexual creatures we are programmed to obtain value.

Revelation by Chris Odom

This book does a good job of explaining how to SHOW that you have social value as well as talk about it, revelatjon I warn men following this book’s advice to be cautious when telling stories.

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Great book for those who are looking for a higher quality dating life. I always loved the scientific approach MM takes in explaining the evolutionary theory behind certain behaviors, and how those behaviors can be encouraged or discouraged via social interactions.

Feelings serve to influence and lovedroop our behavior. It’s like your lovedorp ability to know what people are feel- ing, to know their agenda, and to read the signals of the social matrix. As such, my game was extremely structure-based and routine based and I never realized how important inner game, confidence and personal uniqueness was until years later.

People are con- stantly using qualifiers and disqualifiers that validate and devalidate other people.

reveltion Feel free to skip through the chapters in no particular order, or read it all the way through, or start at the prac- tice and troubleshooting guide Group Theoryor simply flip through the book and browse the topics that first interest you. The key is to understand that the DLV itself — the demonstration of lower value — is not the critical point to making it work.


Revelation: Chris Odom: : Books

Anything less is considered a sign of low self-esteem. Those of you who are familiar with MM will find, in this e-book the materials you needed to execute The M3 model as well as details on how to pair up your inner game development with structured game calibrations.

After all, the other females have already done the work and spent the time assessing the value of the male.

We feel sexually attracted to certain women the hot onesand we have no choice about this, and similarly women are without choice as to when, and towards whom, they feel attraction. Customers who bought this item also bought.

If you ask them, they will dutifully consult their opinions, their cultural pro- gramming, their friends, their astrology reading, or whatever.

It’s obvious to you that he is embarrassed because the pong is clear on his face and in his manner- isms. My evolutionary revelatiin is designed to motivate me to align with the rich man for survival pur- poses instead of the beggar. It completely deserves the praise.


Finally women would be expected to evolve an attraction to any social cues that convey a survival advantage. Rather, romance and sexual attraction is about conveying higher value, and adding value to your social interactions. But if you were to go out and practice that same gambit for the next six months, it would be reasonable to assume that, after all that practice, you will get a better response to the same gambit than you previously received.


The more she invests time and energy to flirt rrvelation me and to impress me, the more I will reward her with attention and appreciation. It’s the power to create a “shared frame” between yourself and your target, and create the feeling of incredible connec- tion between the two of you. Let it soak in.

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The primary emotions are: On pagethe writer emphasizes “Drawing Contrast. Leaning in doesn’t really help anyway; the difference between leaning back and leaning in is only a few inches. Tribal Emotions in a Changing World Social adaptations happen more quickly than genetic ones, and only strong long-term changes are encoded genetically.

I used to get confused when Mystery would say, ‘Be interesting. A value-judgment has been made! You must connect with her.

Lovedrop’s style is writing is straight to the point – that’s by the way why I didn’t like Matador’s chapter “The way of being” that much – although there are some good points, I didn’t revepation the brief explanations of concepts like “Good manners”, “Good Listener” etc. If Trinity needs to fly a helicopter, no problem — she just radios her operator and asks him to load a helicopter piloting program.